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  4. So I wrote a thing. It's kind of weird. I'm posting it as an image, cause I don't want to try and fight with formatting. The title, like most of my working titles, is me picking a relevant sounding song lyric cause I am That Writer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ There's a song at the end that I imagine as the score to this scene. It's one of my favorites.
  5. Oh, that first one gives me Metric vibes, and I love them. Also I'm in love with the second song. That beat. I might have to steal it for someone 😍 I wanted to post a song that's near the beginning of my Darling/Hallie romance playlist, Exile, Vilify by The National. It's also just one of my favorite songs. First off there's just the sad swinging waltz in the song, and Darling and Hallie both love to dance. And despite being a pretty sad song, there's also something sweet and vaguely hopeful in it, and I get the impression that it's okay with its sadness. And that's one of the things that draws Darling and Hal together is they're both terribly melancholic and appreciate having someone who will sit and be melancholic with them. Onto content. Darling and Hal are both exiles in a sense. They were both forcibly removed from their home and can't go back--Hallie cause his home is 200 years ago, and Darling cause hers was burned off the face of the earth. While many of their friends and allies are outsiders and misfits, they're the only two with no home to possibly return to. It gives them a bond and special understanding of each other. They're both investigators, folk who uncover answers for a living. They're both chasing personal questions that haunt them, and both are trying to grapple with the fact that the search for truth is sometimes futile, and even if it isn't, sometimes having an answer doesn't make anything better. Sometimes the only thing that ends up mattering is who's on the search along side you.
  6. I know I'm not the only one who makes endless playlists for my characters and their relationships, or uses music to inspire the tone or choreography of a scene. Share those here, and if you want, explain what about the song makes it fit. I can start off. While I tend to have entire playlists for my major characters, I like to also select one song with lyrics and one instrumental song that are their most defining two themes. Darling's lyric song is Babel, by Mumford and Sons: I always come back to this song for Darling firstly because of it's energy. It fits with Darling's occasionally manic disposition. Also Marcus is shouting his lungs out, which is something Darling greatly enjoys. Darling's upbringing fostered many of her worst characteristics, pride chief among them. But she managed to leave the south in the end, and by surrounding herself with better people in Vigil, she gets a better handle on those short comings. The south, unable to escape itself, collapses. Literal walls, social walls, inter-personal walls... Darling should probably be classified as a highly effective siege weapon at some point. And this is the culmination of Darling's character arc, she understands her shortcomings and makes a choice to believe in her own redemption and self-determination. She'll always struggle to regulate and understand her heart, but she's stopped hiding it away behind the hyper-rational mask. I change my mind occasionally about her instrumental, but right now I like Candles and Clockwork by Tyler Dever: Yeah, it's radically different from Babel. This song is Darling stripped of all pretense. It's quiet, it's sad. It's both orderly and chaotic. Compositionally, it's a fascinating piece, with each voice being in its own time signature. She tries to keep herself split into sections, mind separate from heart separate from body. But it's all part of the whole. The clockwork part is also important. The song's tempo is 120 bpm (2 beats/sec) which gives it a slight tik-tok rhythm. Darling is an engineer, and while she's an excellent investigator, building machines is when she feels most like herself. Also a nice little nod to the fact one of her partners is a clockwork man.
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  9. Related to the above, I just got my latest commission :3
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  12. @Kasper >:3c ugh it still annoys me that the video has a pic of generic Man!Shep. Might have to go put Grace over in the OC thread, since I've been replaying Mass Effect...again.
  13. I love me some sad robots. Have some unsettling music from Sad Robots: The Game (tm)
  14. I'm an absolute sucker for slow burns and mutual pining romances (I am tormenting myself with my current project cause Darling's romance plots don't take off for a while). She has a sort of false start romance that falls apart relatively early on, but the (first) central romance is with Hal, a sentient clockwork man who works for a mercenary group and the one who handles any freelancers (like Darling) that his organization contracts with. The two of them work together frequently, cause even though Darling is terrible at following orders, she's very good at getting jobs done. Eventually they both just accept that they work as partners and Hal's not "in charge" in any meaningful way. My favorite thing about writing them is just how much they care about each other, how much they enjoy each other's company, and how the other manages to be the exact thing that terrifies them. Hal sees straight through Darling's mask of aloofness and barbs to her scared and lonely core, and he genuinely wants to help. Darling notices that Hal takes care of others to keep attention off himself, and decides she's going to figure out who he is, and is nosy and persistent enough to make it happen. This is of course what both of them needed even if they didn't know or want it. They both have significant trauma from their previous marriages, which is part of why the burn is as slow as it is. When they meet neither of them are anywhere close to being ready for a serious partnership. They spend literally several years living together in a way that is suspiciously couple-like and yet stubbornly refuse to admit there's any romantic feelings there (they drive their friends absolutely nuts). Eventually some yet to be determined incident makes Darling have an "oh shit, maybe all my friends weren't wrong after all and maybe I do really want to kiss the toaster man" moment. And then cause she's the catalyst, she convinces Hal that it's time they left the comfort of their current relationship for the one they both really want, even if romance comes with some more risk. And this is the start, cause there's still a lot more work to do. Darling doesn't know how a healthy romantic relationship should work, cause she's never been exposed to one, and as much as Hal is willing to be there, he's also having identity crisis after identity crisis. But they're both committed, and at the end of the day, they're best friends and so they muddle through it.
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