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Andrew Bond

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I am one of the EpicWrite StoryCraft instructors and serve on their Board of Directors. I  have worked with teens in drama and writing programs for many years. I teach annually at the EpicWrite Summer Writing Retreat on Hood Canal. 

I write Historical Fantasy, and am currently working on two novels set in the same universe. The first takes place in 1904 in a remote mining village in at the Yukon / British Columbia border where Welsh and Northwest Coast Native mythologies intermingle in a life and death struggle. The second takes places two-hundred years earlier in Scotland and Wales and involves piracy on the high seas and Celtic mythologies.

I carry one or two fountain pens with me wherever I go, and am normally wearing a pocket watch. I am a history teacher and the dramturge for a Piratical Entertainment troupe, so am happy to answer questions about historical eras, and anything to do with pirates.

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