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Katie Davies

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Hey, guys. My name is Katie. Some of you may know me from previous writing classes and some of you may not know me at all. I'm back from the mysterious land of college to start engaging with my personal writer's self again and jump into the future of the working world. I've dabbled with writing fiction for most of my "career" as a writer, but after discovering that creative nonfiction and blogging were a thing (not that I didn't know what blogging was to begin with. Did you know that blogging is considered a writing genre?), I'm writing little pieces based on my life and inner thought processes that don't get as easily articulated if I just tried to say them out loud. This right here is the most articulate that I will ever get in my life. If you meet me in a crowd, I will stumble over my words and default into using monosyllabic words. Isn't writing just neat? ?

When I'm not writing, I'm either trying to get back into reading, watching garbage shows on Netflix, watering my plants, searching for jobs, sleeping in whenever I can, or taking care of cats at a local cat shelter. I'd love to have a kitty of my own someday, but since I'm still living at home and I don't have any sort of reliable stream of income at the moment, I borrow my friend's cats when I need them. In the meantime, I'm settling for being a plant-mom while taking care of my lucky bamboo, small myrtle tree, and terrarium that's grown into a mini-jungle.

I'm currently writing a blog. Check it out if you're interested*: 


*There are some instances of choice language if you're sensitive to that sort of thing, but it's so few and far between that I hope it doesn't turn you away from the whole reading experience. ?

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Hey Katie,

Love the blog! And love the word "stagnacity." So glad you're here and personally delighted you will be contributing your significant gifts to this forum as a moderator. Will make that official when I can figure out how the software works...:P

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