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My Introduction

Greg K

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Hi all, my name is Greg.  I have written non-fiction continuously for the last 20+ years: patents for inventions.  Almost all of them have been published, as was legally required at the time, by Patent Offices in the US, Europe and elsewhere in the world.  I am a patent attorney. 

I have also written a book.  It is, of course, about patents (“Patent Ready”, on Amazon).  It is less formal than the patents I wrote, it does describe some plots with protagonists and antagonists in the legal sense, it includes a few scenes as images, and it helps develop the reader as a more astute operator in the patent system. 

Still, I cannot claim to be a novelist, at least not yet.  Becoming one was a thought in my mind, for maybe in 3-4 years from now.  To prepare for that time I signed up for Katherine’s “Plot Thickens” class, thinking I would merely take notes for then, and then return to my work for now.  A few weeks into it, I am finding novel-writing to be more interesting, engaging and inspiring than I thought … we’ll see where this goes. 

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