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Hi, I'm Kasper


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Hey! I’m Kas, a friend of Rosie’s living in the UK.

I’m not writing nearly as much as I’d like at the moment because it turns out Grad School is a lot of work, who knew?  I am working on short story for a magazine to raise money for a couple of LGBT charities, but other than that I’m struggling to find time between classes. I mostly write Fantasy and Sci-fi, but I’m so easily influenced by whatever the latest thing I’ve read is I often wonder into other genres.

My Undergrad was in Medieval History and English, and while my speciality is the Franks between about 750-850 I have a pretty good grasp of anything in Europe from the fall of Rome until 1500ish. Point is, if anyone is writing Historical or Fantasy and has any questions, I’d be happy to help. My other areas of expertise involve playing video games for hours at a time without a break and pretty much anything relating to the LGBT community. Oh, and my half finished Masters is in the Psychology of Mental Health, so if that comes up, I’m your guy.

My icon is Rowlet, one of my favourite Pokemon, because he is shaped like a friend. 

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