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Hogwarts Houses


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I like to sort my characters into Hogwarts houses for funzies. Also helps sort out their priorities and core motivations and values. And then you and Kas make a sprawling Hogwarts AU to play in and get invested in. This isn't exactly the traits as the books put them, but the books also tend to give most of the Hufflepuff traits (loyalty, justice) to Gryffindors, there are like two Ravenclaws and Luna's the only developed one, and I'm forever salty that all the Slytherins are all EVIIIIIL (and not even a little ambitious and only Snape shows any degree of cunning). So these are how I tend to group them when putting my characters into Hogwarts houses:

Gryffindor: Bravery, Justice, Honor

Slytherin: Ambition, Pragmatism, Cunning

Hufflepuff: Fairness, Harmony, Hard Work

Ravenclaw: Curiosity, Creativity, Knowledge


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I find the Houses particularly useful for thinking about positive traits can morph into negative ones. 

Rook for example who I posted about in the OC page is a Gryffindor, he's very brave and has a strong desire of for justice. However, as his arc develops his sense of justice morphs into a desire for revenge and the legal system, which he has used in the past as a guide for right and wrong, becomes unjust itself, he is left doing some really awful things out of a perverse sense of justice. 

Similarly, I have a Slytherin who's ambition results in her struggling a great deal with envy when people have what she is aspiring to. 

It's not really anything groundbreaking in terms of character development, but i know Rosie and I both find it a really useful framework.

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And it's just fun :P

But yeah, particularly a characters flaws are often some sort of distortion of their strengths, and for whatever reason, Hogwarts houses makes that easy for me to conceptualize. Like Darling is a total Snek Girl and her ambition is the root of many of her strengths: determination, resourcefulness, and self discipline. It also is the root of her tendency to treat both herself as others as tools and chess pieces, her fear of being seen as weak and thus her unwillingness to ask for help. Darling's mind and cleverness is one of her greatest assets: she's inventive, witty, charming (when she wants to be), and good at reading people. She also tends to over think and over complicate everything, is convinced she knows best, and knows how to hide her feelings, which is sometimes a useful skill but is a really bad idea when you're trying to hide things from your partner and friends.  

Compare/contrast to a Gryffindork like Jan, who's bravery makes him dedicated and loyal both to his friends and his ideals, but his refusal to back down can actively hurt his causes and make him enemies. Add to that a strong, if unconventional, idea of justice and his willingness to act and work for his ideals can twist into rather vicious retribution against those he's decided deserve it. He wants to be A Hero to people, and he wants the attention that comes with it. While that's led him to be warm and personable to most people, it also gives him a tendency to pick fights, usually in public, with bullies or authority figures. 


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