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Hello, I'm Maximilian Snyder


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I am a writer, artist, poet, singer, composer, riddle-solver, programmer, fencer, Bayesian, aspiring rationalist, and player of games. My special abilities are a tendency to remember information that I've read and a knack for solving riddles before I've finished hearing them. My weaknesses include difficulty doing things and a poor working memory. I am a currently writing a story which is (for now) called Asterisk and the Spectral Tower. It is about a boy who accidentally swallows a star and is compelled by it to embark on a journey to return it to the sky. On his journey, he befriends a mercenary, learns magic from a wizard, and fights magical battles. He also encounters a boiling swamp, a river that flows backwards, a mountain range covered in glass snow, and a forest of trees with eyes.

Message me if you're interested in anything I'm interested in such as decision theory or have any riddles.

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