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Changed the first one to eyes because the toaster man has no hair ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A note about his element, you can't really get a pic that shows it, but that stream up there is the Bolton Strid, one of the deadliest rivers in the world. Under it's placid surface it's surprisingly deep and fast, and has had a concerning number of fatalities to its name, of which the bodies are rarely every seen again because they're trapped in the rocks and cracks. Hal isn't deadly like the river, but I chose it because his placid surface conceals so much inner turmoil. 

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@Kasper I was wrong, Jan is The Second-Worst Boy (tm) because Iggy is the Actual Worst. Everything about his board, from the frickin raccoon trash panda going through garbage to the gross fake purple leather to the "signature" that looks like he just held a sharpie in his fist and scrawled his name (not even his full name)... God I hate him so much xP

His hair is his only redeeming feature. 

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1 hour ago, Kasper said:

I like the colour pallet you ended yo with for Hal; muted greens and blues. It looks really nice, and very fitting.

😄 yeah, i think it captures his penchant for melancholy nicely. God, he and Darling are lucky they have Jan around to bring some levity to their lives. otherwise they'd just sit around sadly in the rain or something. and like, they'd be happy to be sad in the rain together, but for the love of god you two need to lighten UP.


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