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Look, I know I put in two different animals, but in my defence, Rook has at least one dog glued to his side at any given moment, but if he was going to be turned into an animal he'd be a boar.

ūüėĄ¬†yeah, i think it captures his penchant for melancholy nicely. God, he and Darling are lucky they have Jan around to bring some levity to their lives. otherwise they'd just sit around sadly in the ra

@Rosie GIve Kes the forbidden carbohydrates 

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It's been over a year, but I'm back. Lysander is a former monk and pretty much the only thing he has to show for it is very nice handwriting and jokes about how he and his partner of the time celebrated taking their vows of chastity.

He's a good man but he was a terrible monk. 

He's now best friends with Kestrel, who Rosie posted a mood board for.


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I made another one because I have a problem and this is easier than actually writing.


Clovis is from the same story as Theo. She is drawn to Theo's growing power and is a a chaotic influence on the normally very controlled Theo. Clovis is very unnerving at first, and is playing with some very dangerous magic without as much caution as most people feel is warranted (she also wears the still bloody hide of a beast she's killed which people find off putting for some reason). People tend to assume that she's not all that bright based on her carefree attitude but she can be shockingly insightful.  

She gets a hyena because they have a bad reputation (Thanks Lion King) but are actually very social animals and rarely make their own kills, instead scavenging off the remains of prey from other larger animals. 

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