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Obligatory Introduction Post


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Hello, I'm your friendly neighborhood forum moderator, Rosie (though I typically go by Kit or Kereshu online). I'm a desert transplant in the Pacific Northwest and I think the climate here is far too green. I've been writing since I was a wee smeet, and have always been a fan of fantasy and scifi, though occasionally I dabble in other genres.

Currently I am working on 'The Book' (I need a working title I know), which is hopefully the first in a series. It's a genre mashup of fantasy, noir, and lite magi-tec/steampunk featuring a city starting to crumble under its own sprawl, dead(?) gods, and a grumpy detective trying to find a lost girl. And throw in some eldritch horror for good measure. When I'm procrastinating on 'The Book,' I write short stories with the same characters. Sometimes it's based off what's happening in our Dungeons and Dragons campaign, other times I drop the characters in the real world and send them to college. 

Outside of writing, my hobbies are mostly Roleplaying Games (table top and video games). My favorites are Fallout, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Bloodborne. In addition to playing DnD, I also watch/listen to The Adventure Zone and Critical Role. 

I have a degree in chemistry, so if you need any science questions answered, I'm happy to do my best to answer! I like explaining things. Chem, physics, astronomy, math are all in my wheelhouse. Other, not science things I can answer questions/talk about are Queer (lgbt) stuff, ADHD stuff, Autism stuff, and lots mental health/mental illness topics. 

Glad to be here!

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